A Great Body Goes Great with Bikini Underwear

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Nothing goes with bikini underwear better than a great looking body – male or female.  Chances are you already have a pretty good body or you wouldn’t be buying bikini underwear.  However, you might want to take an honest evaluation and determine if a little more buffing up might be in order.

A new pair of briefs and a look in the mirror should do it 

Ok, so you could use some more muscle bulges.  A new pair of briefs should help motivate you.  Take a look at a few of the pictures on this site and see who’s body you would like to have.  Motivation is an important part of building your body.  This will help you keep going to the gym or your workout area

Don’t rush the results.  Time goes fast enough and by being motivated and sticking with it, you will get the underwear model body you want.  The first part of your program will likely result in regaining muscle tone rather than building bigger muscles.

As important as motivation is, the old rule of moderation comes into play.  Be sure not to burn yourself out.  Stay motivated and keep an even and consistent drive forward.  Monitor the time you spend on your fitness program and don’t over do it.  Besides avoiding burnout, you will also avoid potentially injuring yourself.  It is much better to go at an even pace adding to the workout as you become fully capable of handling it without risk.  For example: A rule of thumb is that a man should be able to bench press his own weight.  Again, the principle works here by starting out 10 or 20 pounds below your weight (or whatever you feel comfortable with no matter how light) and working up from there.

It is most important to develop a routine that allows time to relax and build the body you want over time – it will be worth the wait (and muscle weight).

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