Mens Underwear

A lot can be said about men underwear, but it’s definitely not boring. In fact, it seems to have reached a repetitive cycle when looking at the first underwear design compared to the latest creations. From cavemen to supermodels, men underwear has seen some interesting changes and not all of them were necessarily practical or even comfortable. However, today is a different world where underwear designs thrive on comfort, style and sexuality.

The Origins of Men’s Underwear

According to experts, the first undergarment worn by men was a piece of leather loincloth. It can be traced back more than 7000 years to pre-historic times. It is believed that they were worn as a single garment in hot weather and underneath other garments when it became cold. Egyptians were the first to implement fabric, replacing leather, during 2000 B.C. Their fabric underwear obviously had a lot of meaning because a huge supply of them would be buried in the tombs of pharaohs for ongoing use in their afterlife. The ancient Greeks on the other hand didn’t follow in the tradition of underwear. Only slaves were made to wear leather loincloths. The Romans preferred what they called a subligaculum, which can be described as pair of shorts in modern times.

The First Dramatic Change

A significant and rather dramatic change surfaced during the 13th century in the form of baggy drawers. For the first time underwear was pulled on and it covered below the knee. They were called braies and their relevance became more evident. At that point they were an important part of clothes and were typically made from linen. Class distinction didn’t influence the use of braies and men from all sections wore them. Europe’s contribution to how this design would change and develop was probably the biggest. Additional items started hitting the market like cod pieces, stockings, corsets, drawers and undershirts.

Mass Production of Men Underwear

When the Victorian times came around underwear was divided into two pieces and they were still being hand made. Various materials were being used such as cotton, silk and linen. The Americans in particular liked the wool flannel, waist down drawers that consisted of a button overlap in the front for easy access so-to-speak. This was during the Civil War period and when the Industrial Revolution struck with spinning machines cotton underwear became more readily available. Stores started stocking up and making underwear at home was no longer necessary. This also sparked the idea of the union suit, which was a single garment that covered everything from the wrist down to the ankles. Later on shorter versions became available. These covered the elbows and knees. American soldiers who fought in World War II referred to the union suit as long johns.

The Transition into Modern Men’s Underwear

It was in the 1930’s that the union suit lost its glory, opening the way for briefs and boxers. They featured an elastic waistband which replaced the button overlays and ties, making it more convenient and comfortable. The well-known company Jockey started manufacturing briefs in 1930 and in 1934 it took a great leap due to the Y vent design. It was also during the war that color became a factor in regards to underwear. The army decided on giving the soldiers olive colored underwear due to the attention white underwear drew when hung out to dry.

The Revolution Starts

In the 1950’s underwear became more than just a practical garment. It reached new heights in terms of color, fabric and purpose. In fact, it started to make a statement. Innovation had spread like a wild fire among designers and boxers with interesting images made their debut. Bikini type underwear featuring animal print patterns also started to develop on a smaller scale. By the 1970’s designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Sauvage and Jockey placed the focus of advertising on the sexual manner that came with the new designs. Less coverage, uncommon materials and bold colors became the basis for their ideas, taking men underwear into fashion history.

Bikinis, Thongs and G-strings

Thanks to two Frenchman, Jacques Heim and Louis Reard, the bikini came to life in 1946. Even then it didn’t consist of much material. This led to the string bikini that features even less material. As for thongs and g-strings, they were part of many cultures for centuries, because they were comfortable. They were particularly popular on the beaches of Brazil during the 1980’s, but America took quite some time to adapt to the new fashion.

Men Underwear Today

There is no doubt that men underwear has reached a rich climax in terms of options. Briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, thongs, G-strings, bikini underwear, string bikini, are all part of the choices available to men today. The fabric can range between cotton, spandex, lycra, silk, lace, polyester, and numerous others. Ultimately there are no limits when it comes to color, design or fabric. While designers focus heavily on sexual appeal, they also focus on comfort and style. Practicality was left behind in the 1930’s and now it brings men into a different world. This new world sees a man feeling good about himself and what he chooses to wear regardless of his reasons. He can acquire underwear for sports, erotic situations, casual wear, figure enhancement, heat and humor.

The Reaction of Women

The majority of women have praised this movement openly and honestly. It shifts the focus and provides them with some visual stimulation. Where women used to be the ones who had to wear sexy underwear and just satisfy the guys, the tables have turned. Now they can request the same from their partners. In turn men are grabbing the chance to be adored while wearing designer underwear. In essence modern men underwear is a blessing for both sexes.


It is difficult to describe how powerful a tiny piece of material can be, but it’s the truth. From a distance it might not seem influential when in fact it can place any man in a great mood. Comfort and style aside, it’s a natural erotic stimulator. The idea of enticing a girl along with the mystery hidden underneath the pants has